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Our History

[Download a PDF of the 2015 History]

2015 Trustees
President: Marian Brown
Vice-President: Julie Buckley
Secretary: Leslie Finzer
Treasurer: Alexandra Costa
Membership Chair: Cindy Vallar
Directors-at-Large: Bob Collins, Donna Israelson, Paula Petruso, Jean Pinckard

Ex-Officio Members
Historian: Michelle Bryner
Immediate Past-President: Ron Hughes
Director, Henderson Libraries: Angela Thornton
Chair, Henderson Libraries Board: MJ Maynard

2015 Accomplishments

  • Ms. Thornton announced the House of Blues monthly fundraising event brought in $2,000 in January for Friends of Henderson Libraries.
  • In February, 2015, Marian Brown on behalf of Friends of Henderson Libraries donated $39,000 for the Gala event held in December, 2014
  • Ms. Dalusung discussed the Nevada Legislature considering $450,000 for statewide
    funding for libraries to be used for collections, databases and bookmobiles. (March,
  • In March, Angela Thornton announced Board of Trustees is giving consideration to possibly selling the Malcolm Library building.
  • Ms. Dalusung discussed the Nevada Legislature considering $450,000 for statewide funding for libraries to be used for collections, databases and bookmobiles. (March, 2015)
  • The local author showcase took place in March with Oscar Goodman and Jeff Schumacher participating in panel discussions. This event was very well received. Friends of Henderson Libraries provided the volunteer support for this event.
  • Mr. Bobby Ellis made a generous $25,000 donation to the library and was honored at a reception at the Paseo Verde Library on April 7th. Friends of Henderson Libraries Board attended the reception to show appreciation for this financial support.
  • The Shakespeare Trivia Night was held on April 28th and repeated on September 22nd. Both events were well attended and a wonderful opportunity to build awareness of the Friends of Henderson Libraries organization. Money raised was used for Library Tree Lane expenses.
  • In May, 2015 Henderson Libraries kicked off a new branding campaign in 2015 with plans for an updated look for the library. A new website is also in development. The Brand was approved by the Board of Trustees in October. Rollout planned for Q1, 2016. The Friends logo will be evolved to work within the new Henderson Libraries logo.
  • In July, 2015, Marian Brown presented on behalf of Friends of Henderson Libraries a check in the amount of $162,000, bringing Friends cumulative donations since the organization’s start to over $1,000,000. The check for $162,000 represented funds from selling used books (book sales, book store and Amazon on-line).
  • The volunteer luncheon was held on July 16, 2015 at the Fiesta Casino.
  • Friends of Henderson Libraries volunteers provided support for two major library events in fall, 2015 - Vegas Valley Book Festival on October 17th and the Rose Regatta at Lake Las Vegas on October 10th. Angela Thornton recognize these efforts with appreciation.
  • Ms. Vallar discussed membership renewal that will be implemented and personalized letters will be sent to all 2015 paid members. (November, 2015)
  • In December, Julie Buckley presented an overview of Library Tree Lane to the Henderson Libraries Board of Trustees. There was concern about the implications to Library Tree Lane if Malcolm was sold. The Board of Trustees confirmed a decision regarding the sale will not occur until the second half of 2016. The Library Tree Lane committee will be able to use Malcolm in 2016 but future consideration to a new location will be needed if Malcolm is sold. Board of Trustees has agreed to help with a location search if needed.
  • In December, 2015 1 request was presented by Betsy Johnson, to memorialize Florica Hagendorn with a plaque for the Reading with Rover program. Friends of Henderson Libraries agreed to an initial contribution of $500 towards plans to recognize Florica’s contributions to the Henderson Libraries.

    Respectfully submitted by Dahl M. Capello, Historian
    JANUARY, 2016

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